Course Rating

The USGA Course Rating System™ is the standard upon which the USGA Handicap System™ is built. It affects all golfers in the calculation of a Handicap Index®. Players "play to their handicaps," when their net scores (gross score-handicap strokes) equal the USGA Course Rating™.

The USGA Course Rating System takes into account the factors that affect the playing difficulty of a golf course.

Course rating teams from authorized golf associations carry out the on-course portion of the rating process. Authorized golf associations review the work of the teams and then issue ratings.

Accuracy and consistency are the keys to effective course rating. A course must first be accurately measured. The measured yardage must then be corrected for the effective playing length. These effective playing length corrections are roll, elevation, dogleg/forced lay-up, prevailing wind, and altitude. Obstacles that affect playing difficulty must then be evaluated in accordance with established standards. These standards increase objectivity in course rating.

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Course Rating Update for PRGA Member Clubs

The process of rating the course is an instrumental part for the use of the Handicap System. During the up-coming week, the PRGA's Course Rating Committe will be rerating some of the courses in Puerto Rico. It is a USGA policy that course ratings be evaluated every ten years, after the first time they were rated.


PRGA's new team of raters in conjunction with Cesar Rivera's and Paco Acevedo's expertise, already starded to rate PRGA Member Clubs.


In order to understand what the course rating means to your club and to your membership, we offer an opportunity to coordinate a presentation, at your request.


We can also work on a fact sheet of the course rating's new result once your club is rerated, and it can be made available to your members upon their request.


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