Board of Directors

Since 1954, the Puerto Rico Golf Association has been goverened and directed by a group of volunteers and golf enthusiasts that conforms the Board of Directors.  Members of the various golf courses today, a total of 9 individuals to this Board, are responsible for the performane of the association. 

The directors are elected for a 2-year term bt the representatives of the PRGA Members Clubs and Golf Leagues.  During the Election Process that takes place during the Annual Meeting of the Assosciation, and per the By-Laws and Contitution of the association establishes. 


Sidney Wolf                                                                                                                  

Vice President
Jose Alegria

Roberto Martinez

Legal Consultant
Elvin Gonzalez Jr. 

Handicap & Course Rating
Ramon "Chito" Coto
John Allen 
Christine Beauchamp
Marilina Silen 
Juniors Program 
Fernando Herrera